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New French Restaurant Opens in Rio Dulce PDF Print
Paris Cafe Owner, Christian, 2nd from left, and chef Jean Claude, 2nd from right, with Staff
January 16, 2016
Story and Photographs by encor, “Staph” Reporter


It sure seems like our little town of Rio Dulce is getting some class. As you walk up the street, you have most likely noticed the ongoing construction projects. One we have been keeping an eye on is now finished and open for business. Yes, it’s the Paris Cafe, a most unique structure on Main Street. It is the tallest, newest, and only glass-fronted building. You can’t miss it. Especially with the sign advertising “Air Conditioned” on the front doors. YES, REALLY. All those times you complain about how hot it is when you go shopping? Now you have a place to enter and just chill (we used to use the banks for that).


Paris Cafe with a 4-story View From the Rooftop Bar

The main restaurant is on the ground floor, nice menu, well stocked bar, plenty of seating and a good view of the busy traffic and daily business going on. Really good coffee to pick you back up while you re-write your list of stuff you came in for. If you like crepes, this is the place for you. From the sweet ones, including the famous strawberry and whipped cream, to almost anything you could think of as a filling. For a light snack to a full on meal, think crepe instead of tortilla! And the prices are reasonable, something we all appreciate. See images of menu below.


The owner, Christian, came here on a boat (imagine that) which he has since sold. He conceived of the idea of a hotel and French bakery, and made it happen. Many of you may recognize his chef, Jean Claude. Of course they are both at least trilingual, so there is no communication gap. The staff is very pleasant and accommodating, even to the point of climbing to the covered rooftop bar to deliver your orders. A dumbwaiter is in the works, I believe they are taking applications. The view of the surrounding area from four stories up is something you might enjoy, with a nice meal and beverage.




If you find yourself in town late and need a place to stay, there are six rooms available, at a good introductory price of Q200, that includes internet, air conditioning and private bath. They are closed on Monday, otherwise, hours are 8 am to 9 pm. Jean Claude is also thinking that a good cup of coffee and croissant might be something you would like to take on that 8 am Litegua. If so, give him a call the night before and place your order, then just pick it up once your baggage has been secured. The phone for the Cafe de Paris is 7930-5038.


Check it out next time you are in Fronteras. You are in for a nice surprise. Tell them you read it in the Chisme!


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