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Untimely Death of Steve Stucko, S/V Tarka PDF Print
Steve Stucko of S/V Tarka
December 22, 2015
by Jody Aston, Editor 

It is with a sad heart that we report the sudden death of a beloved sailor on the Rio Dulce, Steve Stucko, of SV Tarka, at Tortugal Marina. His son, Bradley Stucko, wrote a beautiful tribute on Steve’s Facebook page and we think this is all anyone needs to know:

Dear, friends and family, 

I know everyone has a lot of questions about the man, the legend, and my hero, Steve Stucko. 

He has left us on the night of December 21st 2015. 

He passed from a random and un-flamboyant accident (He called it). No it wasn't scuba diving the Keys, sky diving in formation, riding downhill MTB’s at winter park , ice racing motor cycles, fighting fires, or traveling the world. No, he was sitting at the dinner table, undoubtably sharing one of his many stories from an amazing life with some friends down in the Rio. 

Steve & Wife, Kathie, with Winnings from Int'l Pub Trivia Quiz

Fortunately we can rest a little easier knowing there was a doctor present, everything that could have been done was, and he didn’t suffer. 

I have so much more to say about how this man impacted my life, but the words escape me for now.

I ask that you send your love but try to withhold bombarding his close friends and family with questions regarding his passing.

For now lets remember all the incredible memories we have of my hero, as I know they are infinite.

I love you- Dad 12/21/15

(Son, Bradley Stucko, on Facebook)

Well said, Bradley. On behalf of the Rio Dulce community, we offer our heartfelt condolences to you and your mother, Kathie.

From Steve's Facebook Page
One fond memory we will share illustrates Steve's unique creativity. Each week, at the rio's International Pub Trivia Quiz, we have 'guest' quizmasters to make up the questions. Steve and Kathie's entire quiz was fun, but Steve really got creative for the bonus question. He went out the week before the quiz and photographed five bathrooms around the rio. No mundane "Name the capital of these five countries" from Steve. No way! "Name the location of each baño" led to much livelier conversations among the teams, and his toilet photographs still rank as the best bonus question ever!

Friends were expecting to lose Steve Christmas Day, as he planned to sail off on a new adventure. We were looking forward to following his journey and perhaps seeing his big smile on the rio again some day. We didn't expect to lose him like this. Steve was a generous, gentle spirit and, although our goodbyes have turned into tears, we can be sure his smile is still shining brightly on the other side.

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