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Sumpango Giant Kite Festival - One-of-a kind Experience PDF Print
The Giant Kite Festival in Sumpango

October 29, 2015
by Jody Aston, Editor
Editor's Note: For those of you presently on the rio, I want to alert you to the opportunity to go to this truly amazing experience. I'm just back from a trip to the USA, and short on time right now, but since the event takes place this weekend, I wanted to post a quick message. Will elaborate and post more photos tomorrow!

Special 3-day Cultural Immersion Tour with Master Barilltereo (Kite-builder) Julio Asturias and Louise Wisechild

Los Barilletes Gigantes, The Giant Kites of Sumpango, is a unique tour. The kites represent a connection between the spirit world of the deceased and the earth. It is a celebration of the Day of the Dead, honoring departed loved ones. Participants stay with a warm and friendly local family, just minutes from the cemetery and soccer field where the kites are presented and flown.

First Night in Sumpango - Flowers for Honoring the Dead

The first night includes a special invitation to a shamanic ceremony, blessing the kites and the departed. There is also a behind-the-scenes trip to see artists who produce the kites putting last minute touches on their creations. The breathtaking exhibition of kites, and the excitement of watching them take flight occurs on Sunday.

Behind-the-scenes with Kite-builders - Last-minute Touches

The world renowned master kite-builder, Julio Asturias, helps you explore your inner creativity with a kite-making workshop, solely for the members of this tour, on Monday. Afterwards, we join his family for lunch at the cemetery, where we put our own kites to the test and see if we can get them airbourne before returning home!

Contact Louis Wisechild at this website: http://www.brightfutureglobaltours.com/3-day-giant-kites.html  

Louise says there is still space for one person, or a couple, on this once-in-a-lifetime adventure to be at Sumpango with the Giant Kites. These incredible works of art, in the form of Giant Kites, mosaics of tissue paper, truly must be seen to be appreciated. And the community itself is definitely worth the experience. The tour is limited to 6 people.

Shamanic Ceremony Blessing the Kites and Departed

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