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Bus and Lancha Timetables PDF Print

Rio Dulce Colectivo Lancha Ticket Office at the Public Dock (Muelle)

UPDATED February 14, 2017

Peter Kruse gathered all the new Bus Schedules for us. This is a tremendous help because, as we all know, catching a bus in Guatemala has been a bit of a game of Russian Roulette this past year! Here are some of his notes, and the former pages of schedules have been replaced with updated pages with the current information. Note that we also have the Punta Gorda Water Taxi schedule, thanks to Doug Hattox.

Jan 20th - FDN canceled the 1pm Maya de Oro bus to Flores. Litegua made significant changes, due to delays caused by long term road work from here to the City.

Litegua still offers a daily bus from Rio Dulce to El Florido/border of Honduras to Copan. The bus leaves at 9 am and takes around 6 hrs. to El Florido. Q100 one way. When crossing the border, buses are available to head on to Copan Ruinas

Litegua changed the times due to the road works and delays. They may switch back to the old schedules once the situation normalizes.

September 21, 2015
by Jody Aston, Editor, and Peter Kruse

Do you have a hard time remembering when the colectivo lancha goes to Livingston...or did you ever wake up in the wee hours of the morning and drag yourself to the Litegua bus station for the 3:00 a.m. trip to Guatemala City, only to discover that you chose the one day of the week that the bus does NOT make that trip? Well, the Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator is here to help!

Peter Kruse did a bit of sleuthing and got all the Rio Dulce bus schedules sorted out. He made flyers of the information to post in Casa Perico and Sundog Café, then kindly passed them on to the Chisme. He has schedules for Litegua's Rio Dulce to Guatemala City, and Fuente Del Norte's timetables for Rio Dulce to Flores/Peten, San Pedro Sula, and San Salvador. You will find those posted below. Thanks, Peter, for doing all the work for us! 

The Public Docks (Muelle) in Livingston
The Public Docks (Muelle) in Livingston

The hours for the colectivo lancha to and from Livingston are also provided. Note that the round-trip ticket has a reduced price, but only if you leave and return on the same day (retorno mismo dia). We will keep this information updated, and make it a permanent page for easy reference...just click on the new topic, Timetables, on the menu bar to the left.

Colectivo Lancha from Rio Dulce to Livingston Ticket Details

Colectivo Schedule from Livingston to Rio Dulce, Pto. Barrios and Playa Blanca/7 Altars





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