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The Squashed Pig Who Became The Star of Freddy’s Friends

Freddy and Pam Barcroft
Freddy and Pam Barcroft
By Julia Bartlett

A tiny pig was lying at the side of the road squashed.  I am not exaggerating, he was squashed and we thought dead.   

Then I turned my head and looked back at the sad little body and saw him take a breath.

“Pam, that animal is still alive,” I said.

My heart sank.  We were going to have to put him down, he was so hurt. 

In those days I didn't know Pam Barcroft so well and what she did was unexpected. 

She got off her horse, gave me the reins and ever so gently eased the little creature into her arms, blood, mud and all. 

Then cradling him next her and talking softly to him she walked slowly back to the ranch with us following.

Freddy's first day
Freddy's first day
Once back there, Pam examined him and found his injuries were horrific. 

He had obviously been hit by a vehicle and left for dead. 

His jaw looked broken.  He was swollen and bruised all over and couldn't even lift his head.

Pam injected him with a painkiller first, then antibiotics, an anti-inflammatory for the spinal damage, subcutaneous rehydration fluid and vitamins and poured noni juice over his wounds. She did everything she could think of as he lay in the shade in a grassy pen. 

Then she stepped back and studied him. “That’s all we can do,” she said, “it’s up to him now. Let’s ride.”

So we tried to put him out of our minds and to enjoy the ride.

When we returned about two hours later he was trying to lift his head.

Pam smiled, “I think he might make it.  He’s going to need a name.  You were the one who saved him, Julia.  You were the one who spotted that he was still breathing so you get to name him.” 

“Freddy,” I said and it stuck. Video HERE .

Over the years another thing I have learned about Pam is that she always shares kudos with those around her.

As you can see from the photos Freddy is now HUGE and he is very gentle with humans and other animals.  He is also usually the star attraction with visitors at the Barcroft ranch, especially the children.

There are two other things I know for certain there is no luckier,happier pig on this planet than Freddy and no more dedicated animal nurse than Pam.

When Roy asked me if I would like to write this article Pam and I started to look back through all the photos to tie together actual facts. 

I was overwhelmed, as it sank in, with the number of animals helped, the local friends made, the connections made between locals and gringos, spin offs where sorely needed medical and other help went to people as well as animals as well as the skills and energy of our volunteers. 

There is also the cooperation and mutual support between us and Dr. Angel who is truly an angel and the generosity of the boating community and other donors.  

It has been heart warming how many pet owners crowded around us to learn valuable, affordable ways to take better care of their animals. 

Our own lives have been enriched by the hours of fun we have had horse riding and tubing, making rugs to sell, selling used clothes, making and selling Texan funnelcake. 

It has been a privilege to host visits from all sorts of children to the ranch including those from Casa Guatemala and Rancho Esperanza. 

We take enormous pride in being able to facilitate numerous spays and emergency surgeries,  in watching the animals coaxed back to life, the loving homes found and the joy of the new owners and the solace brought to bereaved owners when a quiet resting spot has been offered for their departed friend.  I feel emotionally full and humbled as I write this.

 There is far too much to the story to be squeezed into one article.  So we have decided to have an information day at the Mar Marine Swap Meet on the 1st of March. 

You are invited to come and see our slideshow and photos and to ask all the questions you want.  If you have stories about or photos of Freddy’s Friends and would like to share them please send them to Julia at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it

Who knows we might even have enough for a book.

Below is a brief summary of some facts as best we can remember them.

Trial clinics in El Estor and then in the Rio Dulce took place in late 2010  

Since then clinics have been held in El Relleno, Saja, Los Angeles, Milagro, Buenos Aires, San Marco and Los Vegas.

Freddy was found on the 26th of September 2011

The group name was coined by children visiting the ranch in late 2011.

Early 2012 the group Freddy’s Friends was started on facebook.

Dr. Angel opened his clinic in May 2013.

The spaying program started in the fall of 2013

We think we may have instigated about 30 spays in about 18 months, an average of 2 a week allowing for holidays etc.

We have lost count of numerous pets re-homed.

Before help From Freddy's Friends
Before help From Freddy's Friends


After help, well and happy and re-homed together
After help, well and happy and re-homed together


Dr. Angel didn't think Freckles would make it, her stomach was full of blood from an internal bleed
Dr. Angel didn't think Freckles would make it, her stomach was full of blood from an internal bleed

Freckles is now Micky and is living happily with Pegg and Lenny at Moko Point
Freckles is now Micky and is living happily with Pegg and Lenny at Moko Point

The meds lined up for a routine round in Pam's often 24/7 commitment
The meds lined up for a routine round in Pam's often 24/7 commitment

Our angel, Dr. Angel
Our angel, Dr. Angel

Milagra, Spanish for miracle, with her baby the day we found her
Milagra, Spanish for miracle, with her baby the day we found her

Millie (Milagra) just three months later
Millie (Milagra) just three months later


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