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Rex Taute succumbs to cancer PDF Print

Rex Taite
Rex Taite
Rex Taute, 58, of Cayo Quemado, Rio Dulce recently died of cancer in Albuquerque, New Mexico after a brief hospitalization.

A geologist and professional well digger in New Mexico, Rex was a third generation “dowser” (water witch) who could locate underground water reserves using a variety of tools including willow branches, pendulums, L&Y rods and bobbers.

An easy-going man with a big friendly smile, Rex spent most of his time in Cayo Quemado where he worked on his sailboat s/v Carina and was putting together a water drilling rig to provide potable water for the community.

Rex is survived by his brother Mark of Cayo Quemado along with his daughter Carey, sisters Donna and Laura and his mother Hazel, all in the USA.

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