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CV Yacht Sales becomes SeaKist Yacht Sales PDF Print
SeaKist Yacht Sales -- from left, front row,  Diana (ads/websites), Chris S., Emy, back row,Roy, Julia, Kelli, Chris W.
SeaKist Yacht Sales -- from left, front row, Diana (ads/websites), Chris S., Emy, back row, Roy, Julia, Kelli, Chris W.
With the very recent and huge improvements for the Rio Dulce in the foreign vessel cruising permit rules, RAM’s West Marine store, Nana Juana’s boatyard, Abel’s propeller repair and balancing shop, etc., it can be easily imagined that the Rio is poised for a substantial growth of demand for marine-related services.

Believing in this increased potential, Chris Stanley and Kelli Doll of SeaKist Services S.A. have taken steps to grow their business interests along with it.

Chris wrote of their latest efforts, “I was recently invited to join CV Yacht Sales as a broker, and it wasn’t long before Kelli and I recognized the opportunity and timing for this brokerage to develop into a first-class, professional service for the Rio Dulce.

CVYS owner, Roy, decided that new blood might best be applied to the proposed ideas, so with a change of hands SeaKist Yacht Sales was born.

Now, with a brokerage subscription to YachtWorld.com, our selling clients have the best resource available for international advertising!  Offering a properly priced and marketed yacht for sale here in the Rio is every bit a superior alternative to the real expense and bother of bringing it to sell in the States.

For local advertising, everyone remotely “Rio” reads this Chisme website and it’ll soon have an improved display of our listings at “Yachts for Sale”.  That, combined with the use of Featured Yachts flyers at area businesses and posted signs aboard, makes our listed yachts easily known – and it’s clear that word of mouth in this cruising community travels widely.

As for potential buyers perhaps unfamiliar with Guatemala, SeaKist Yacht Sales can assist with every step of the yacht buying process from booking of flights at the lowest rate to lodging, showing, making an offer, etc. The team of brokers at SYS offer the best of their considerable experience and talent to assure a smooth experience for happy buyers and sellers, both."

To this Kelli added, “In our international advertising we aim to portray the Rio Dulce as the finest place on Earth a buyer can begin or continue to enjoy their cruising dreams, because, of course, IT IS!  And with either Belize or the Bay Islands of Honduras just a short voyage away, a fresh adventure awaits year after year.”

Owners Chris & Kelli have worked hard to build a solid foundation for the success of this enterprise, and its objective is clear: “Our brokers will grow SeaKist Yacht Sales brokerage to its full potential on the continued and lasting reputation earned for professional and ethical practices, and for selling our listings!”

Please contact any of the following brokers for further information about marketing and selling your yacht, or for details of existing listings:

Julia Bartlett --- 4019-6677  (returns late-June)

Emy Bartula --- 5612-1415

Kelli Doll  ---  5057-2093

Roy McNett  ---  4943-9132  (motor yachts)

Chris Stanley ---  5723-4940

Chris Wooley ---  4572-6803

SeaKist Yacht Sales
SeaKist Services S.A.


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