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Richard "Chink" mourned by Rio PDF Print

By Roy McNett

One of the first things an aspiring newspaper reporter learns to do is to write obituaries.

That’s because an obituary essentially contains all the key elements of any newspaper article – the “who, what, when, where, why and how”.

It used to be that on most major daily newspapers that the so-called “cub” reporter was first assigned to the obituary desk where he/she was under the flinty eyed scrutiny of the city editor – then of course the managing editor, then the editor, then the publisher, then the readers.

If he/she could write a correct obituary, then there might be other, more interesting, assignments – like the police beat, city hall, commissioners court, features and so on.

Richard -- we'll all miss you
Richard -- we'll all miss you

(Please note that I’m writing about print journalism, not talking-head televised “journalism”, Have no idea where those folks got their training, if any).

Anyway, in over 30 plus years in the newspaper business I’ve written a lot of obituaries.

Never liked the job.

Still don’t.

And I really, really don’t like having to write this one about our friend Richard.

So I’m going to keep it simple and keep out the 5 W’s and the How.

Richard – known by many as “Chink”, “Chief”, “Ricardo Cabeza” (think about it and you’ll figure it out) and Presidente de Pendejos – is gone.

He was discovered dead a couple of days ago in his bungalow at Willy & Lorena’s Marina here in Rio Dulce.

And we don’t need the details here.

He was a man of many complexions with a lot of wit, humor and advice – he could have you laughing hard during a happy hour bar session or slack jawed astounded by some new insult that he might have just created especially for you, if you happened to rub him the wrong way – particularly later in the evening when his lower lip started to protrude and his eyes got a bit glassy.

He would tell it like it is – “imagine that”.

And he might growl, scowl, spit on the floor – then flash that big grin of his to let you know that it is all just BS, afterall.

Richard was one of my best friends on the Rio – and of many, many others here.

Tip a long neck Victoria beer for Richard (it had better be good and cold or he’ll give the waitress hell for it), spill a bit on the floor in his honor, and let's keep him happy and grinning in our memories.

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