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INGUAT rescinds previous ruling PDF Print

INGUATE reps rescind previous ruling for boaters
INGUAT reps rescind previous ruling for boaters
By Capt. John Brandes
Photos by Eugenio Gobbato

On Friday March 28 there was a meeting at Nana Juana that was hosted by the Guatemala Ministry of Tourism (INGUAT) where it was announced that the rule regarding vessels having to leave the country for three months has been rescinded and the old system will be implemented.

This is very good news for all.

The rule that will take effect April 1 is as follows:

1. Boats when initially entering Guatemala from abroad will receive a cruising permit valid for three (3) months. The cost for this permit will be $50.00 US dollars plus Q60.00 (about $7.80 US).

2. Boats who wish to remain longer have the option to obtain an additional nine (9) month permit at a cost of $150.00 US Dollars.

3. Boats who wish to remain after the first 12 months as described above may obtain a permit to remain an additional 12 months at a cost of $150.00 US Dollars.

4. The extension described above for periods beyond the initial 12 month period may be renewed each 12 months thereafter indefinitely for a fee of $150.00 US Dollars. These extensions also require that the vessel be located in an INGUAT registered marina and there must be a contract with the marina.
March 28 meeting at Nana Juana
March 28 meeting at Nana Juana

There is no requirement that vessels leave the country for three (3) months or any other period to qualify for these extensions.

Eugenio Gobbato of Hacienda Tijax commented, “Basically they (INGUAT) announced the Mechanism for boat papers extension which they say the worked as a group under orders from the President himself and came to the conclusion that the previous msistem was the best and it was "legally" still in effect.  Changes were made only as a matter of interpetation and not in  substance of the law so now they presented us this little flyer with the step by step process.”

The fees stated above are SAT fees and do not include fees that may be charged by immigration or an agent.Image

Another thing that was mentioned at the meeting is the image of Guatemala in the International community. Because only the bad things that happen get reported in the media and social networks, the world has a very distorted view of what Guatemala really is.

I continuously have people arrive here for the first time and after a few days or weeks tell me "This is not at all what I expected Guatemala to be like".

We need everybody's help to get the message out that there is some really good things about Guatemala as well. We are asking that people share their good experiences about Guatemala on social media.

Also INGUAT has provided some web links that they would like people to share on youtube, facebook, and twitter which I have shared below:



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