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Rio Dulce mourns George D. Morgan PDF Print

George Morgan
George Morgan
By encor
Our favorite pharaoh, George the fearless, passed away on Dec.31.  He was at home in his beloved Bum Bum Rum, and smiling now that he was pain free.

As his friends know, George had fought the nasty cancers until he was ready to let go.

His son, Michael and supreme caregiver Sherrie were with him at the end.

He was a long time river liver, coming in on his vessel, s/v Morgan Manor from Long Beach, Ca. in the early 90's.  As a former firechief and paramedic, George contributed, without asking, his time and knowledge to help so many people. 

And with his never failing smile and genuine wit that made one glad to know him.

Along the way, George sold his boat and built Restaurante Rosita's in la Bacadilla.  That building eventually became his home, and got renamed the Bum Bum Rum. 

He built a few docks for his friends and a huge workshop to keep up with his many projects, always something new going on with him.

Old phrase, "they broke the mold" was never more apt.

George left us more memories in his writings, here is just one.  More will eventually be posted on his FaceBook page:


Pharoah George
Pharoah George

Is death the end

And something to fear?

Or is it the beginning

of something dear?

The problem is that no one knows.

And because of this, let's just suppose

That if life is over

When we die,

Then all we can do

Is try and cry.

George's wishes were to be cremated, which is happening in Guate City.

When Michael and Sherrie return with his cremains, there will be a memorial celebration of his life, where all his friends can gather and tell the multitude of George Stories that make him a legend and primo Rio Character.

Rest in Peace, my Pharaoh.






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