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Two years later, J & J at Vista Rio PDF Print

The new Vista Rio - Crow Bar
The new Vista Rio - Crow Bar
By J Bright
Vista Rio
Hotel, Restaurant,

A couple of years ago, two shipwrecked sailors, J & J Bright, washed ashore here in Rio Dulce.

Like most sailors, they didn't have much sense, and despite 14 hours in a tropical storm, despite a good hard grounding, and the aforementioned shipwreck, they came here and purchased another boat.

Then to add straight up foolishness to folly, they decided to volunteer to take over a local establishment that had fallen on hard times and see if they could help. “It all happened so quick, it was kind of like ... boat/business ... what the hell have we gotten ourselves into?”  said one of the intrepid travelers.

What indeed  ... like a lot of boats here, their new one, while in great shape, had sat dockside for years and upon taking her out on her initial  “shake down” cruise, many of those unused systems began to break down.

The old addage of  “use it or lose it” is too true. So, since they had to tweak systems and do a few odd repairs, free dockage and drinks in exchange for doing what they had always done back home in New Orleans, seemed like a good idea at the time.

Now the business they got involved in was the opposite story, it had been well used, poorly maintained and came with a rather exaggerated but none the less unsavory past. 

Boaters tend to be an older, more conservative crowd in many ways, and many times they were told “I swore I would never set foot on that property again”.

Upon realizing what they had gotten themselves into, and the Sisyphean task ahead of them, the first instinct was to hurry up those repairs, toss off those dock lines and get the heck out of here.  

However, they did love this beautiful country, and as stated before, they had that crazy streak that led them to think ...”Hey, we're from New Orleans, we can't change the past, but we can do what we always do. If you come to our home, we're gonna make you feel welcome, pour you a stiff drink, feed you some fabulous food, give you the inside scoop on all the local attractions, and just generally make you feel welcome!”

So this became their ...”cough” … “business plan”. (Don't use the P word, darling) say's Lil J.....

Well, two years, lots and lots of painting, fixing, tweaking plumbing and electrical systems, and 14-17 hour work days later, the plan seems to be working.

Hotel Vista Rio, and the newly re-opened World Famous Crow Bar are the #1 rated B&B on Trip Advisor, in Livingston, Fronteras.

J & J continue to serve great food, daily specials, and great special events. J& J are active in local charities, donate tons of time and money to the community, and give free pointers on local attractions and tours. 

Lil J gives free Pilates classes on the penthouse balcony, and Big J even volunteers one day a week as a Rio Dulce Cruisers Net Controller.

Despite their often full schedules they still manage to serve great food and drinks at fair prices and they continue to be great hosts. The marina has all side tie boat slips with Cable TV, great internet service, and  safe drinkable water dockside.

So if you haven't been there in a while, swing on by and see what they are up to now, they are sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Look for their Daily Specials on The Rio Dulce Chisme, under “What's for Lunch”  HERE or “Like” their Facebook Page HERE.

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