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Lodi of s/v Anon mourned by Rio PDF Print

Don and Lodi of s/v Anon
Don and Lodi of s/v Anon
After a lengthy illness, Lodi Hutson of s/v Anon passed away peacefully in her sleep Saturday, June 1.

Rio Dulce boaters and residents share in mourning the death of this wonderful lady with a heart as big as Texas and send condolences to her husband, Don Hutson, and their families.

It was reported that Lodi told Don "I think I'll take a nap" around 3 p.m. Saturday, and died in her sleep a short time later.

Lodi and Don were well known throughout the Rio for their generosity in hosting 8 annual community Christmas dinners at various local marinas, attracting upwards of over 100 guests including boaters as well as many local Guatemalan residents.

They also provided years of support for a local Guatemalan family, assisting with financing for the children's schooling and transportation.

Lodi's remains will be transported to Guatemala City for cremation.

Plans for a memorial service and celebration of Lodi's life and loves will be announced in the near future.

Read more about Don and Lodi's boating experiences in a previously published artlcle HERE .

An article about one of their Christmas dinners is HERE.

Comment on this article HERE.

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