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Veterinaria Vetzoo by boat! PDF Print

Dr. Augusto Andrade
Dr. Augusto Andrade
The idea of giving a “veterinarian home service” began when Doctor Augusto Andrade, founder of “Veterinaria Vetzoo”, felt a lack of a professional service from door to door to all the demands of people’s pets and decided to start trying and giving it.

He discovered that taking the pet to the clinic for a simple check, grooming, shots, emergencies, etc. was provoking them with lot of stress, and as for most of the owners, a lot of inconveniences inside their vehicles when the animal vomits and defecates and the worst of all, a lot of lost time taking and waiting for them in the clinic.

This veterinarian home service has served clients for several years in Guatemala City and since then it is very well accepted at the point that it has increased the number of helpers to attempt the high demand of clients at any place.

Preparing to give rabies vaccination at Nutria Marina
Preparing to give rabies vaccination at Nutria Marina

On 2012, Dr. Andrade bought a small boat, a desire as an all time hobbie, with the purpose to spend some vacations going frequently to the splendid “Rio Dulce”.

After his many visits to the Rio, he felt the same feeling as in the city; there wasn’t such a service from “door to door” that attempts to serve the demand of pets in the area, but he knew it was going to be a dare because he decided to try and give it from boat to boat and from marina to marina.

He started to make publicity and offered his services to all the people that live on land or boats, have their vacation homes and marinas to provide for their pets needs.

Veterinary clinic in a boat
Veterinary clinic in a boat
Now as a successful venture, Veterinaria Vetzoo is glad to plan the third visit to

Veterina Vetzoo now visits the Rio Dulce once a month providing services of: consultations, deworming, minor surgeries, dental cleanings, animal health export certificates, laboratory, food sales of the brands “Science Diet and Prescription Diet”, medications, shampoos, special products to combat the fleas, and much more!

Minor surgery
Minor surgery
You won’t need to go out and search for the veterinarian; he will look for you wherever you are and whenever you need it!

Ask us for prices without any obligation and make your appointment at (502) 5511-4097 or by mail to This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it . We will be glad to serve you.

For more information, visit their website HERE or in Facebook as Veterinaria Vetzoo.

Preparing patient for surgery
Preparing patient for surgery

Hoping to visit you soon!

Dr. Andrade will be in the Rio Dulce again on Wednesday,  March 27.

(Look in the Want Ads in Rio Dulce Forum for notification of Dr. Andrade's next visits).

Remember... your pet also deserves good health!

Dr. Augusto Andrade
1173 Veterinaria Vetzoo
Member of A.M.V.E.P.E.

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