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Houseboat art by Bob Smith
Houseboat art by Bob Smith
By encor
Hey, dear readers, don't touch that dial.  
You did not accidentally tune into an off the grid building site.

Most of you who follow the Rio Dulce Chisme-Vindicator news are boaters/cruisers who recognize this area as the premier place to bring your sailboat during those dreaded 6 months of hurricane season.  

Yep, that is what this place is all about, and so far it's working, as shown by the increase in marinas and boat-related services.  The recent Independence Day Regatta (read about it HERE ) certainly highlighted the awesome beauty of being on this great body of water known as Rio Dulce.


Don't have a sailboat?  Don't even want one, but appreciate the fact you might SOMEDAY maybe like a home on the water?  

This option is now easily within reach, and such a simple solution that one wonders,  "Gee, why didn't I think of that?"

Jon Coats, an enterprising fellow who designed and built boats in the U.S. once upon a time, figured it out.  

Builder Jon Coats
Builder Jon Coats

After spending a good bunch of hurricane seasons between here and there, he settled on HERE, and speculated that there might be others who would also appreciate making such a no-brainer choice:

Houseboat for sale
Houseboat for sale


Not only do you have a waterfront home in a gorgeous tropical paradise,  you can relocate without selling out.  How cool is that?  

Oh, speaking of cool, excellent insulation throughout,  and even a precious little loft for storage or your munchkins.  

His website (http://centralamericanhouseboats.com/ ) has all the details one might need to help make this fun decision a doable plan for retirement in an affordable country, or just to have the perfect vacation home.

Call Jon at 011-502-5801 8308

Click on our frontpage ad to access all the good stuff, and happy relocation, pilgrims!

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