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Fri, Jan 19th (Birthday) Frank on Distant Drummer
Fri, Jan 19th, @5:30am (Event) Movie at Tortugal
Sat, Jan 20th, @6:30am (Event) Movie at Mar Marine
Sun, Jan 21st, @8:00am (Event) Swap Meet at Bruno's Marina
Thursday, 18 January 2018
RAM Chain
Rio Dulce Surveyors
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Brunos Hotel and Marina - saloon, bar, restaurant, pool

running the bar


Rio Dulce Forum, 1 kB
Places and Faces: Mini Marina PDF Print
Mini Marina - River Side
Mini Marina - River Side

When listening to the morning net (VHF 69 at 7:30, M-S) , you will hear a few ads from Norman, the head honcho of Mini Marina.  He reminds us it is passport extension day and that he has over 500 books to swap, most of them dry.  He also promotes whatever he has to sell, usually used outboard motors.  The big question is 'Where IS Mini Marina?'

Places and Faces - Clem's Consignment Store PDF Print
Clem At His Front Gate
Clem At His Front Gate

Understandably,  the river brings in so many boats every year, that some of them never quite make it out.  One of those boats belongs to Clem, an escapee from Canada (can you blame him?),  an excellent handyman who can make things work. But usually, you have to have some access to parts to make that happen.  Voila, as they say, Clem came up with the idea for a consignment shop, where boaters who want to "lighten the load" could leave those treasures from the bilge, in order to sail a bit further.

Flea Market At The Crow Bar - Saturday, March 24 PDF Print


World Famous Crow Bar
World Famous Crow Bar

A big Flea Market (maybe that should be Sand Flea Market) will be held this Saturday, March 24 at the Crow Bar. It is anticipated (not promised) that there will be lots of boat stuff, new and used computer and electronic stuff, clothing, fishing tackle, tools, etc. spread all over the place.

In addition, Washer Pitchin' will be introduced to the Rio. (Caution: this is a very addictive sport).

Activities start at 9 a.m. and continue all day long.

Gourmet breakfast burritos and pancakes will be available for consumption.

Update on RAM Marina PDF Print


RAM Marina & Yacht Club has completed the installation of a 6,000-gallon recycling system Cromaglass Waste Water Treatment Systems – the only one in the country of Guatemala.

Our WTF (Waste Treatment Facility) was installed and inspected at our presentation to CONAP, M.A.R.N., Naval Base, Captain of Livingston and other local businesses who were present March 14, 2007 at RAM Marina.

Second El Relleno Dinghy Race PDF Print

Race boat goes airborne, does 180 degree flip; contestants shot by armed (water) gunmen

ABOUT 70 FOLKS attended the second El Relleno Race

The Second El Relleno Dinghy Race was held Saturday, March 17 under grumbling clouds and occasional showers and was acclaimed a resounding success.  Pre-race inspection teams did not turn up any guns or knives contrary to reports.

Wild Willy won da dwinking class.

The favorite Little Humper didn’t manage to get off the starting line.

Mean Joe Brown had the audacity to cruise around the race course shooting other drivers with his water gun.

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