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Cultural Differences: Greetings PDF Print

The greeting kiss
The greeting kiss here is closer than the celebrity 'air kiss.' It's more like the Camilla and Charles kiss. ;-D

Hugs and kisses abound in Honduras [and Guatemalan] culture. Women usually greet each other with a little hug and a kissing gesture on the cheek, even when meeting for the first time.

Men who are relatives or close friends may greet women that way, too. Among each other, men will usually shake hands, sometimes accompanied by a hug and a pat on the back if they are friends or family. The same gestures are exchanged again when parting.

Coming from a very non-demonstrative family, this was a little uncomfortable at first but I've grown to like it. Children meeting you for the first time will often say hello and then give you a big hug which is really sweet.

Greetings almost always begin with 'buenos días' (good day) or 'buenas tardes' (good afternoon) or simply 'buenas.' Buenos días is used until exactly noon at which time you switch to buenas tardes. Supposedly, buenas noches (good evening) begins at dark, but I've had others tell me that it signifies good night, as in goodbye, just as it does in English. When in doubt, just say 'buenas' − it's an all occasion word.

Places and Faces: La Joya del Rio PDF Print

As noted earlier in the Forum, Suzanna's Laguna has been sold.  The new owners, Garon and Heidy Anderson, have big plans for remodeling/renovating/expanding the business. 

Laj Joya del Rio
Former Suzanna's Laguna Undergoes Renovation
Several years ago, when Garon  came to visit the former owner, Jerry Brockman  (now deceased) ,   he fell in love with Guatemala.  So much so, that he is building a home in Los Amates, met and married his wife Heidy, bought a cattle ranch, and now has really invested in his adopted country with the purchase of the marina.  So he didn't just do this blindly.  He has a vision.


Special Sports Report PDF Print

Spills, Chills, Clashes Abound In First Annual Rio Dulce El Relleno Marina Dinghy Race!

Shielding themselves from drizzling rain Sunday morning, contestants and pit crews gazed hopefully at leaden skies over the Rio Dulce as spectators and the news media assembled on the dock at El Relleno Marina.

Nerves were taut here at the start of the First Annual El Relleno Open Dinghy Competition, Feb. 11, 2007.

Early Valentine Day Party PDF Print

The Bum Bum Rum hosted an early Valentine Day party this past weekend.  For newcomers to the rio, the Bum Bum Rum (make your mouth say say Boom Boom Room) is located in the little village called La Bacadilla.  It is across the river from Mario's Marina.  Though now just his personal home, in the past George had a restaurant and hotel rooms. The theme was "wear red" (imagine that)

A Different Kind of Swap Meet PDF Print

Jon (Scratch) is a high-energy guy; just too much time on his hands. He tries to fill his days maintaining his pristine sailboat, flying his own plane, building a new house, playing a bit of tennis when the mood strikes. He needs a project, right? His good friend Phil (Majabe) has a sailboat that admittedly needs some TLC. So, Phil, being the nice guy that he is, and agreeing that the projects needed aren't happening in his lifetime, came to realize that they could help each other out by TRADING boats. Yes, dear readers, they both agreed that some people just like working on boats, and Phil has graciously given Jon that chance. What a great gesture!

Boat Swap
Phil and Jon Make a Deal

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