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Entomology 101 PDF Print

"God in his wisdom made the fly
And then forgot to tell us why."
- Ogden Nash

My husband Joe got into some kind of tick bed at the Belize Zoo and his legs are now polka-dotted with bites. Near Jaguar Paws cave float site, we witnessed a war between termites and fire ants. The termites were winning big-time. The battlefield was clearly visible and it was fascinating to watch. Let’s face it, bugs are a part of our lives here in Central America, and they aren’t all bad.


Tongue In Cheek Liar PDF Print

Type of Story:  English Comedy – Sort of.
Setting: Boat in a Marina.
Principal Characters:
     Frank, Captain of the Boat who prided himself by always telling the truth.
     House Mouse, A lady guest

Commentary:  A House Mouse is a semi permanent resident on a boat not to be confused with spouse.


Mice and rats are a plaque to a boat. Once aboard they eat everything. If there are no crumbs lying about, they will feast on wood, wiring insulation, and even bedding. Basically they appear to be able to subsist on anything while destroying everything.  Getting rid of them is sometimes a terrible chore. Immediate action is always required.

So – Frank and guest, noticing new residence evidence on their boat, diligently cleaned every nook and cranny to discourage their new uninvited friend. Boats usually need that anyway. They set about buying appropriate traps. They figured that a hungry rodent would be certain to like one of an assortment of food and therefore used different bait for every trap and set them all over the boat.

No! Haven't seen him!
No! Haven't seen him!
As they were leaving and locking the companionway, they heard a snap. Re-opening the boat they discovered a mouse dead in a trap. The trap held peanut butter.

After cleaning and picking up their traps, they locked the companionway and left the boat. As they were leaving the dock they encountered a little girl who asked them if they’d seen her missing pet, a white mouse.

Frank quickly said, “No”, and hurried on his way.

Gone Cruisin' PDF Print

Windy Dancer Heads For Panama

Windy Dancer
Windy Dancer Leaving Bruno's Jan. 13, 2007
Captn John and first mate Elvi of Windy Dancer pulled out of Bruno's Marina January 13, 2007 for a winter cruise to Panama.  They Plan to visit the Bay Islands, Providencia and the San Blas Islands during their cruise.

We may see some stories posted in the Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator Forums and some links to photos of their cruise.

If you want to know more about Captn John and Windy Dancer he has a website at windydancer.com

He promises to post some pictures of the trip HERE.

Captn John and Elvi expect to return to Bruno's Marina on the Rio Dulce on March 20, 2007 (If it doesn't snow that day).

Melchor Free School PDF Print

I first met Sandra on a communeta van going from Melchor de Mencos to Sta. Elena. She was running a work crew of 12 men on a dig. I asked how a young woman in Guatemala could run a work gang of 12 macho men. “Well, the first week was pretty rough,” she said, “but then they found I could figure their pay, and they couldn’t!”  The job was a pretty responsible one for a 26-year-old woman, but the pay wasn’t too great. And I’ve come to the conclusion that Sandra is just about the most intelligent Guatemalteca I’ve met in my 10 years down here.

Sure enough, within a couple of months, Sandra got a new job with the state of Petén. It started by them giving her huge tomes of law she had to understand. Back at the conclusion the civil war some 10 years ago, the government promised several hundred or thousand guerrillas small parcels of land. But in the Petén, these men couldn’t prove who they were/are. Sandra is in charge of determining their eligibility and then helping them prove who they are in order to get their land.

As such, she has had to visit many small barrios in the Petén. She saw the squalor first hand, over and over again. It was about 8 months ago that she voiced her project to me. The thing she really wants to do at this stage of her life. In all these barrios, the families can’t afford to send their kids to school. Sandra wanted to have a totally free school, so many of these kids could grow up being able to read, write, do simple arithmetic, and speak English. I asked Sandra how she’s going to teach English when she didn’t speak it. “It will be a learning experience for all of us,” she replied, “but they all need to speak English.”

Letter Fourteen PDF Print

capt'n fear-of-rain-man,

this story of the darker side of paradise is for YOU because you've lived in paradise before and you know there's no such thing as "it's all good all the time."

jean paul got back from montreal just as i was rinsing off the last bit of soap from the deck of his boat. i washed clothes and sheets the day before and did a good cleanup of the interior and exterior for JP's return. it was time for me to deliver my beautiful luxury home back to it's true owner and move ashore or onto another boat. i had been offered accommodations on another boat (the "death boat" - so called because two people who lived on it had died in the past year) and in turn i offered to clean up the interior. in talking with JP about this he turned up his nose and asked if i knew the history of this boat. i said, "yes," and he says that hard-luck-patty had been dead at least three days before she was found on the boat... "in canada, if they have a death on a boat or a car where the body is not found for that long, they don't even bother trying to disinfect or clean it... they just burn it," he said, "and this is the tropics! so it's worse."

Chisme Vindicator Article

i took this into account but i had been assured the boat had been disinfected and cleaned after patty's demise and the only cleaning needed was from tropical mold beginning to grow on the walls just from not being ventilated and cleaned often enough over the past couple of months... no problem!

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