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Mystery Duo Reviews Tita's Beauty Salon E-mail
Features - Mystery Duo Reviews the Rio
Tita and her assistant
Tita, on the left, and her assistant
Image Editor's Note: The Mystery Duo strikes again! This time they go to a local hairdresser. If you pick up enough clues from this article, along with the previous one, here, and can figure out who the Mystery Duo is, send me an email and you win a free drink at your choice of either Sundog Café or Bruno´s Jakebrake Saloon. We´re calling them "Winn and Everett," but that's just to throw you off so we don't have to buy a drink anytime soon. Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it or post your guess on the Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator Forum here
By the Mystery Duo
July 20, 2015

When we were preparing to come back to Rio Dulce I planned to get a perm and a haircut at my usual salon in the States, but time ran out, so I arrived in the Rio with a shaggy set of droopy curls. They really needed refreshing. I asked around and was told that Tita was a very good hairdresser, and I should try her. The name of her shop is Tita’s Sala de Belleza Unisex, or translated, it is Tita’s Unisex Beauty Salon.

On our first visit to Tita’s Salon, both “Everett” and I had haircuts. They were good. In fact, during a visit back in the States afterwards, I had another trim, and, quite frankly, it wasn’t nearly as good as that from Tita, and it cost a lot more than hers. TWO haircuts here had been a total of Q70, about US$9.15. One haircut in the States was $65.00. It was a BIG difference in both cost and quality!

Tita's Entrance
Entrance to Tita's Unisex Beauty Salon

Cruiser Views - Weather and Radio Sites E-mail
Features - Cruiser Views
Cruiser Contributers
Cruiser Views Contributors
July 13, 2015
Note from Editor, Jody Aston: Welcome to a new category on the Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator, Cruiser Views! This section will provide useful information direct from cruisers to assist other cruisers. To get us off to a good start, some long-term cruisers provided many pages of information they have collected over several years of sailing experience in the Rio Dulce area and the Caribbean. So far, we have enough information to break it down into four or five separate articles. Many of them will include the personal opinions of the authors, and readers are advised to follow their suggestions at your own risk. Thanks to all of you for sharing your expertise!
We hope to make this a strong feature of the Chisme, and encourage more cruisers to contribute information that might be helpful to other sailors. We also invite you to send your sailing stories or anecdotes to inform or inspire us, or to make us laugh!
To access articles in this section in the future, use the search button in the menu on the left, and plug in key words of the article you wish to re-read. Email the editor This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it with your words of wisdom and indicate whether you would like to include the name of your boat or stay anonymous.

A Few of the NW Caribbean Internet Weather Sites:

Chris Parker schedule 2015
Currently 07:00 local time, 1300 GMT on 8.137 & 12.350 USB for NW Carribean
Check his web site for SSB schedules: http://www.caribwx.com/
Chris Parker Web Cast

If you have been a sponsoring vessel and Chris Parker has issued you with a User ID and password, you can listen to him doing the forecast over the Internet at the same time as the SSB net.

There are 2 options, low band with voice only and high band width with voice and graphics, which include the applications he is looking at whilst he is talking.

ImageBelize Hydromet Morning Marine forecast


Belize Hydromet 4 day forecast


NHC Forecast Zones
Offshore Waters forecasts are subdivided by zone, each identified by text description and a Universal Generic Code (UGC). Select the area you want


Burglary Suspect in Guatemala E-mail
Newsflashes - News
Suspect, center, in Antigua
Update and note from Editor, Jody Aston: Another photograph of the suspect, while in Antigua, was submitted by  reader, William Escobar. Thank you. Also note that I have been schooled in the subtle difference in robberies and burglaries and robbers and thieves! Since this incident did not involve arms or intent to do bodily harm, I'm changing this article to read 'burglary' and 'thief.' Privately, we, on the rio, have a few other choice words for the suspect, but we won't go there!
Theft Suspect WIlfred
Theft Suspect Wilfred
July 10, 2015

Be on the alert for the man in the photograph, going by the name Wilfred. He is the prime suspect in a burglary on the Rio Dulce, and other locations in Guatemala.

Crew aboard SV Neso report three laptop computers, a hard disk and a variety of video equipment were stolen July 4th, but not discovered until July 6th. They befriended the suspect, a tall young, dark-skinned Nicaraguan man while in Livingston and Rio Dulce. Wilfred apparently waited for the Neso crew to leave Rio Dulce to visit Antigua, then went through their belongings on their boat and a bungalow at Nutria Marina.

Wilfred may be trying to sell the computers and video equipment. Anyone having knowledge of his whereabouts or the computers or video equipment is urged to call Roy McNett, former Chisme editor, at 4943-9132.

The owner and captain of SV Neso is a professional film/video maker. The loss of his hard disk containing 4 years of work is irreplaceable. If you have unknowingly purchased any of this equipment, the owners would be happy to reimburse you.

Dani Winkens, of the Roundhouse Hostel on the Rio Dulce, says the suspect is known all over the hotel scene in Guatemala for many alleged thefts. One source says they have talked to him and he has returned to Nicaragua, however, Dani says Wilfred’s passport is being held by a hostel in Antigua, so this information may be incorrect.

Call local police immediately, if he is encountered.

Back on the Rio Dulce - Restaurante Linda Vista E-mail
Features - Mystery Duo Reviews the Rio
Note by Jody Aston, Editor
July 5, 2015

Image Today we are starting a fun new feature on Rio Dulce Chisme Vindicator. An anonymous mystery couple will be reviewing various restaurants and other businesses on the rio.

In their own words, "We are boaters, gone from the river for some time, and now returned. We will be writing short perspectives about the places we are newly visiting, and rediscovering, as we get reoriented to life Back on the Rio Dulce."

We’re going to call them Winn and Everett, but follow their articles and see if you can detect clues to their true identity. If you think you know, put your answer on the Rio Dulce Forum, Editorials and Letters to the Editor section, or email the editor at This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it  First person with the correct identity will win a free drink at your choice of Sundog Café or Bruno’s Jake Brake Saloon.

Welcome to Restaurante Linda Vista
Welcome to Restaurante Linda Vista

Lunch at Restaurante Linda Vista - Dining Down River
Story and photographs by Mystery Duo

There are lots of good lunch spots around Fronteras, and at the nearby marinas, but there are also some really good places a bit down river. We took the opportunity to dinghy down to the Restaurante Linda Vista, which is on the south side of the river, just before the landmark blue building of the Bum Bum Rum. There is an article about this lovely place in a previous edition of the Chisme, here.

Deck and Dock
Deck and Dock



We went on a weekday, around noon. It took the two of us, in a 10’ dinghy powered by a 15hp motor, a little over ten minutes to get there from Bruno’s dock. We tied up at one of their two sturdy docks, and climbed the steps to an open-air restaurant with a spectacular view of the river, looking east almost to El Golfete. The breeze was delightful, and the wood and green foliage setting were pretty and tranquil.

The Linda VIsta
The Linda VIsta - Beautiful View

4th of July Celebration at Mar Marine E-mail
The News - Latest News

Mar Marine July 4th 2015
4th of July Celebration at Mar Marine

July 3, 2015

Mar Marine will be celebrating the USA's Independence Day with two special 4th of July dinners. They will have a BBQ Ribs Dinner Special, and a God's Gift Seafood Special, both of which include salad, appetizers, entree, wine, and topped off with a US flag cake!

Sparklers and Poppers will add to the festivities, and the film Slow West will be shown at 6:30. Lancha service will be provided upon request, as usual. Call Mar Marine on radio VHF 68 or phone 7930-5090/1 for more information. Of course, you don't have to be American to enjoy the delicious food!

Jim Cameron of Pana Meats Passes Away E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Deaths
 By Jody Aston, Editor
June 29, 2015
UPDATE: A service and all night vigil was held for Jim last night at Lesly's church. Burial will be at the Rio Dulce cemetery this morning, July 1, at 10:00 a.m. 

Jim Cameron of Pana Meats - Chisme archives
Jim Cameron of Pana Meats - from Chisme archives
Jim Cameron, proprietor of Pana Meats and AeroCasillas (Aeropost) mail service passed away Sunday night at the San Jose Hospital in Morales. He is survived by his sister, Cynthia Sieber, from Ohio. He called his friend, Miguel, of Moko Point, last Monday morning requesting assistance. When his condition did not improve, Miguel and Jane, the manager of Bruno’s Hotel (where Jim lived), arranged for an ambulance to take him to the hospital that night.

Jim had been suffering from emphysema and poor health for some time and died from complications of pneumonia. Friends are in the process of contacting his sister and the United States Embassy.

In an honorable gesture, Jim arranged for all his belongings and Pana Meats be given to his employee, Lesly, in the event of his death. Lesly intends to continue operating the shop.

Jim would have been 69 tomorrow, June 30th. We will provide more information when and if it is available.

Black Orchids at Monkey Bay Marina E-mail
Features - Flora and Fauna of Guatemala
Black Orchid at Monkey Bay
Black Orchid Growing at Monkey Bay Marina

Story and photographs by Jody Aston, Editor
June 22, 2015

Orchid-lovers alert! John at Monkey Bay Marina has been growing some beautiful “black” orchids. Although he claims he’s not much of a grower and his thumb is blacker than the orchid, the blooms of these two plants are proving his thumb is a little greener than he admits.

This species, Prosthechea cochleata, is commonly called the Black Orchid of Belize, because it is the country’s national flower. The name is a bit misleading, as the color is more a deep purple than black, along with colorful strokes of yellow and orange.

This orchid is unusual in a couple of different ways. First, the normal morphology of an orchid looks something like a 5-pointed star, with two petals and three sepals and a lip (labellum) in the middle that hangs down. This flower, though, has the lip on the top, looking sort of like a hood, with the petals and sepals hanging below. Essentially, it’s an upside-down orchid!

The other unusual characteristic is that the flowering season is not limited, as it blooms all year. The Black Orchid is becoming a rarity, due to the destruction of its natural habitat, so we are lucky to have some on the Rio Dulce. If you get a chance, call John and ask if you can drop by Monkey Bay to have a look at this weird and wonderful beauty.


Father's Day in Guatemala 2015 E-mail
Features - History and Culture

Father's Day at Mar 2015
Mar Marine Offers Special Father's Day Meals

Jody Aston, Editor
June 15, 2015

Father's Day, or Día del Padre, is celebrated on June 17th this year...and every year in Guatemala. Many countries change the dates of holidays to correspond with a weekend, but Guatemala celebrates holidays on the day they originated.

Mar Marine is offering a special Father's Day brunch on Wednesday, the 17th, on the Guatemala date. They will celebrate with another special brunch again on Sunday, the 21st, the third Sunday of June, when the day is celebrated in North America (USA, Canada, Mexico) and many other countries around the world.

There is a popular song often heard on Father's Day in Guatemala, called Mi Querido Viejo, or My Beloved Old (One or Father). A link to a YouTube video of this song, with English subtitles onscreen, is here. The translation is a bit rough, but the sentiment of honoring fatherhood and paternal bonds is easily understood. 

Have a look at the graphics and plan to head over to Mar Marine for that special meal. In fact, you can even go both days!

Día del Padre
Día del Padre a Mar Marine - en español

Emy and Veronica's Double Birthday Celebration E-mail
Births, Deaths, Anniversaries, Graduations, Life Changes - Birthdays
Emy and Veronica
Emy and Veronica, Birthday Twins
Story and Photographs by Jody Aston, Editor
June 14, 2015

Since friends Emy and Veronica share the same birthday, they decided to share a celebration, too! Festivities were held at Nutria Marina on Friday.

Party Girl Emy
Party Girl Emy

Emy is well-known around the rio, as she is a long-term resident of Rio Dulce and one of the founding Rio Dulce Chisme-Vindicator "staph" members. Veronica is newer to the area, and is the girlfriend of our beloved floundering founder, retired editor, Roy.

Emy has quite a few years on Veronica, but no one would guess by the way she partied!

The barbecue was fired up and produced good food, the rain never made good on it's threats, and the double-your-pleasure birthday party was enjoyed by all...although the chisme (not yet vindicated) is that there were a few bruises and hangovers the next day.


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